Week 1: September 1, 2020 – Getting Started

Objective: Review course purpose and objectives, assignment, syllabus, grading, and administrative tasks. We will take a tour of the course website, CUNY Academic Commons groups, GitHub repository, and Jupyter notebook assignments. Students will be asked to discuss pre-assigned reading. 

Readings Due

  • Nguyen, Dong, Maria Liakata, Simon DeDeo, Jacob Eisenstein, David Mimno, Rebekah Tromble, and Jane Winters. “How we do things with words: Analyzing text as social and cultural data” arXiv:1907.01468v1 [cs.CL] 2 Jul 2019. [PDF – Commons]

In Class

  • Fill out information form
  • Review course, objectives, assignments, & etc.
  • Survey course materials, platforms, and requirements
  • Discuss reading
  • Preview Jupyter Notebook Assignment